Didac Lee

He is in the Board of FCB in the area of new technologies.

He was born in 1974 in Figueres (Girona) as the son of Chinese parents in Taiwan.

He is restless, dreamy and passionate about what he does. His philosophy of life is to have fun and sustainable way people do with good grace with which can face new challenges. His motivation is to get up every day to a project that excites him. He hates the word “impossible” and he thinks overall this word is confused with “difficult”. He hates being bored, life is too short to waste time. As Reebok say “Life is too short, play hard”.

For 19 years he have created 15 companies, 9 of which are still operating. Today his focus is on helping other entrepreneurs to accelerate their business from Inspirit from the experience gained over the years.