10fridays: Open Innovation with FC Barcelona

The 10Fridays programme offers the chance to a number of people in all TID to work on their ideas during 20% of their time. That is, 1 day per week during 10 weeks. The team must have a maximum of 3 members, ideally one or two. Up to 20 people can participate in each round and if more than 20 people apply, the proposals are selected by lottery.

A call for innovation was made within TEF, which is called 10Fridays, which was exclusively dedicated to FC Barcelona and the challenges in soccer.

For this programme, employees can propose any idea of their own harvest that targets one of the challenges set forth by the open innovation partners. It enables out of the box new ideas.

  • Apps for the team and the club, along with FC Barcelona Didac Lee’s CTO office.
  • Big data for training and match study along with the technical coach team.
  • Analysis of players and the ball.
  • Analysis of passes